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Bigg Boss 13: Kashmera accuses Vikas of ruining his family ties

Bigg Boss

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, the new act features massive fights between contestants. When they are all trying their best, Vikas Gupta is given a chance to exclude two men from the captaincy race. He chose Aarti Singh and Shehnaz Gill. Kashmira became angry with him for this.

Kashmira tells Aarti that she trusts not her family but others. During their conversation in evening, Vikas promised that he would not go against Aarti. But they did exactly the same during the task.

Kashmira told Aarti that Vikas is not on her side, and she should not obey him. She tells him to learn something and be selfish. Kashmiri accused Vikas of splitting his family relationships.

Later, Aarti calls Vikas much for the same, but he blames Kashmiri for betraying them first.

However, things change when Bigg Boss finally calls Vikas and Shehbaz, and gives them a chance to save a nominated contestant, leaving their connection. Vikas convinces Shehbaz to choose Aarti over Vishal. They do the same. This makes Aarti and Kashmirira happy.

Aarti tells Vikas that Kashmirira felt guilty for not winning for him. They make peace and embrace each other. Now let’s see what else the new uproar is going to appear in Bigg Boss 13.

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