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Bigg Boss 13: Shefali Bagga opened house secrets as soon as she came out, furious on Siddharth-Paras

Shefali Bagga

Shefali Bagga is out of the house this week from ‘Bigg Boss 13’. In Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman said that Shefali Bagga and Madhurima Tuli got the least votes but there is a twist in who will go out of the house. Salman does not mention the name of Evict Contestant. Later Bigg Boss tells the family who among Shefali and Madhurima are the least qualified to live in this house. The family took Shefali’s name by majority. After which she was shown the way out.

After leaving the house, Shefali looked very disappointed. In an interview, Shefali said that there were many people who were weak and should have left earlier. Vishal-Madhurima is not quite as visible in the house. Everyone tried against me that I could show up but I always kept my point. Now what has happened is exactly their strategy.

On the battle of Asim-Siddharth, Shefali said that ‘earlier both were understandable and it seemed that they are really fighting in anger but now it seems that they are fighting only to fight. There is no problem even when they are fighting, it is very irritating. Both act to provoke each other. Even as Siddhartha becomes silent, Asim keeps on speaking.’

On the bonding of Siddharth and Shehnaaz, Shefali said that there is no love story between the two, this is friendship. Siddharth has also been very protective. Shehnaaz says that she likes it when Siddharth is protective about her. Siddharth also knows that Shehnaaz is going up in popularity. In such a situation, he is bringing down Shehnaaz in a very smart way. These days, there is too much quarrel and persuasion between the two. Not so much between girlfriends and boyfriends. Both should give each other space. ‘

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