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Bigg Boss 13: Servant had tried to molest Aarti, now brother told the whole truth

In ‘Bigg Boss 13’ Aarti Singh revealed her childhood sexual abuse with her. Aarti made this disclosure when Deepika Padukone came to promote the film ‘Chhapak’ inside the house. Lakshmi Agarwal had also come with Deepika, during this time, the family members had told such things related to their lives that people were unaware. During this task, Aarti had told that her house servant tried to rape her. The revelation of Aarti has come from the statement of his brother Krishna Abhishek.

Krishna Abhishek while speaking to Koi Moi website gave his response on the matter. Krishna said- ‘We did not know about this. Aarti came to Mumbai after being 16-17 years old. I talked to my mother about this. She told me that the incident was not very big. She had taken steps against whatever had happened to Aarti but that human escaped. ‘

Krishna continued- ‘He had not touched Aarti. There was not much worse with him. We had also conducted an investigation in this matter. Could not find much in it. It has been 15-16 years since this accident. In the interview, Krishna was asked, what was your reaction when Aarti revealed this to Bigg Boss? In response Krishna said- ‘I was shocked at that time. Immediately I received a call from mother and aunt. They told that we had taken legal action.

Aarti had told the bitter truth of her life and said- ‘When I was 13 years old, I was almost tried for molestation by locking me up at home. I ran and I tried to save myself. At that time there was no one at home. I jumped from the second floor to escape. After that I started having panic attacks. Even today, I tremble remembering that day.

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