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Bigg Boss 13: After the task, Asim again provoked Siddharth, took off the shoes in front of the family and …

Siddharth Shukla

‘Bigg Boss 13’ does not seem to end the feud between Asim Riaz and Siddharth Shukla. In the episode aired on Thursday, Shehnaaz is playing with Asim’s team, angry with Siddharth during the Captaincy Task. During this time, between Siddharth and Asim there is a constant saying. In a promo that surfaced, both of them were seen again.

Actually, Vishal Aditya Singh is the director during the captivity task. During this, he gives a point to Shehnaaz Gill, playing on behalf of her team cheating. On this decision of Vishal, Bigg Boss says that ‘there is not as much confuse operator as Vishal who claims to play with honesty and heart. It is grossly dishonest to abuse your rights by lying in public. be ashamed of.’

Not only this, Vishal will no longer be allowed to participate in any of the immunity tasks. Bigg Boss also says that everyone should name any two members of the house, due to which the task has been canceled till now. Asim names Siddharth to cancel a task. This is where the fight between the two starts.

In the video, Asim takes off his shoe and says to Siddharth, ‘Lick it.’ Siddhartha gets angry with Asim for doing this. He says, ‘Don’t even face a person like me. Stay within your limits. After this, Siddharth also starts making fun of Asim. In which Shefali Jariwala supports him.

In the coming days of Bigg Boss, Family Week will be seen once again. The special thing is that this time the family will spend some time in the show. Certainly, the contestants will be very happy to see their families, while it will be quite interesting for the audience as well. According to Twitter handle The Khabari, the housemates of the contestants will be on the show from January 27 to January 31. Not only this, they will also participate in the task. Which will be made in pairs with the contestants.

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