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Bigg Boss 13: Rift in Paras and Mahira’s relationship by Siddharth’s prank

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Bigg Boss 13 contestants Shehnaaz Gill and Mahira Sharma have been under a lot of tension with each other for some time. In the latest episode, their differences result in a major fight between Paras and Mahira.

Paras, who suffered from a finger injury and even went out of the house for surgery, was finally removed. While he was resting in the bedroom area and showing his hand to Mahira, Siddharth deliberately calls him and says that he wants to see her hand.

Siddharth was sitting with Shahnaz at that time and he knew that Mahira would get upset if Paras would listen to her.

As Paras moves towards Siddharth to show his hand, Mahira gets upset and leaves the bedroom. She goes to the wash room area and is followed by Paras and reveals that Siddharth is trying to convince Shahnaz and end the fight between Shahnaz. He says that if she wants to be mindless then she can continue and he goes from there.

Siddharth also comes there and tries to please her, but Mahira pays no attention. Later Mahira sits in the washroom area and cries. Aarti convinces Paras to convince Mahira and bring her back.

At first Paras refused, but later he left. He takes Mahira in his lap and takes her to the bedroom area. After Paras-Mahira leaves, Shahnaz tells Aarti that Mahira was upset that Paras talked to her. Both Aarti and Shahnaz start laughing.

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