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Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi did not know about Arhan’s marriage or child

In the house of Bigg Boss 13, Rashmi Desai is angry to learn that Arhaan Khan talked about her outside the house with Himanshi Khurana and due to Himanshi, these things came on national television. Salman has shared all these things in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode.

Salman Khan shows Rashmi footage of Himanshi and Himanshi is seen talking to Vishal and Aasim about Arhaan. Himanshi tells them that Arhaan is very upset.

Salman initially scolded Himanshi for not only giving external details, but also said that she is not involved in the matter with whom she is talking.

Rashmi gets furious after seeing this and asks that while she is still inside the house, Arhaan is talking to others about his relationship and is crying in front of others. She tells Asim that if he has some respect for her, he should tell Himanshi to stay away from Rashmi’s words.

She tells Salman Khan that neither she knew about marriage nor about children and many other things. She was confused and did not know how to react. He came to know about many other things through the show and thanked Salman Khan for this.

Devoleena also supports his statement. Devoleena feels that if Arhaan was so worried, he should have spoken to her instead of Himanshi, as she is close to Rashmi. She is irritated by saying that Arhan does not have courage.

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