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Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi calls Mahira a thief

Rashmi Desai

The drama is at its high voltage in the house of Bigg Boss 13. Every day the fight continues in the house. Rashmi Desai took Mahira Sharma’s hair extensions yesterday and Shehnaaz took Rashmi’s extensions from Rashmi’s bag.

Rashmi was shocked to see this and called Mahira a thief. After this both of them got involved in a terrible fight and appeared to accuse each other of stealing things.

Rashmi is shocked to see her audacity to open her bag. Mahira and Shehnaaz did not seem to regret it and called it Tit-for-Tet.

When Shehnaaz tried to snatch a doll from her and check it, Rashmi’s finger was severely hurt during this time. Asim said that Rashmi had a hair line fracture.

Hindustani Bhau advised Rashmi to file a complaint against Shehnaaz. According to him, this would be a non-bailable warrant. Both Shefali and Hindustani Bhau incited Rashmi to take strict action against Shehnaaz.

Shefali Jariwala, Himanshi, Asim and Arhaan were seen explaining to Rashmi that they should not let this thing go. When Shefali Jariwalane goes inside the house and tells Shehnaaz and Mahira what has happened, they make fun of Rashmi and wonder if she can move her hand. She calls it drama.

Shefali calls Shehnaaz and Mahira shameless because nobody cares if a person gets hurt. On hearing all these things, Rashmi loses her mercury and calls Mahira with a personality of two rupees and a mentality of two rupees.

In the midst of all this fighting, Siddharth comes to the neck area and takes Mahira inside the house and Mahira calls Rashmi the Batli. Rashmi then goes to the confession room and asks Bigg Boss what will she do if her finger remains sore for a month and a half. Bigg Boss advised to discuss the matter during the Weekend Ka Waar episode.

Now let’s see how Salman reacts to this in today’s Weekend Ka Waar of Bigg Boss 13.

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