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Bigg Boss 13: Rashmi and Shefali Jariwala gang up against Mahira

Rashmi Desai

Along with the high voltage drama of Bigg Boss 13, the case of body shaming has also come up in yesterday’s episode. Yesterday’s episode started with the female members of the house making fun of each other’s body designs. Rashmi Desai and Shefali Jariwala mocked Mahira Sharma’s lips.

They made a doll with a towel and put big lips on it and referred to it as ‘Mahi Baby’. They also said that they raised this doll from a gutter. Similarly, Shehnaaz copied Shefali by creating fake lips.

Mahira addressed Rashmi as Mummy and Shefali as aunt and they taunted each other. They make inaccurate remarks on each other. Shehnaaz finally snatches the doll from Rashmi and throws her into the pool. Rashmi and Shefali mourn the death of Mahi Baby. Their drama continued unabated and they wept, saying that their mother child had died.

Mahira looked very upset by this and was angry at the same time. Mahira and Shehnaaz fought a lot over this matter with Rashmi and Shefali Jariwala. Rashmi tells Asim to hold the doll and Asim leaves the doll on the floor.

Shehnaaz tells Mahira not to plant it from the heart because addressing a fake doll in the name of Mahira will not become Mahira.

Seeing the atmosphere of the house this week, it seems that Salman is going to take a good class of family in the Weekend Ka Waar.

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