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Bigg Boss 13: Mahira Sharma slaps Paras Chhabra

In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 13, Mahira Sharma and Rashmi Desai get into an argument and shortly after they get into an argument. Asim says that they will eat rotis from Shefali Bagga, Madhurima, Rashmi. Mahira tells them that she does not want food to be wasted.

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Rashmi says that she will make the rotis herself and does not want to eat the rotis made by Mahira as she is negative.

Mahira becomes angry with Paras Chhabra. He asks her why she is frustrated and fighting with him. He forcefully goes to cover her mouth and she slaps him in his face. Paras loses his temper and shouts at her.

He tells Mahira that he stays away from the girls who slap the boys and their self-respect comes first for them.

Meanwhile, an astrologer enters the house and talks to the family about the future. The astrologer talks about the future of Rashmi, Madhurima Tuli, Aarti Singh and other family members

The Captaincy task was started in the house yesterday but it was not completed again, to see what changes are happening in Bigg Boss 13 house this week.

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