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Bigg Boss 10 : Manu and Manveer call Swamiji an innocent

Manu and Manveer call Swamiji an innocent

A day after Salman Khan brought forth the cheers inside the Bigg Boss 10 house with his heinous weekend eviction; it was rather a simple Monday for the contestants in the reality show. The last night episode has an interesting story wherein Manveer Gujjar was seen gifting the empty box to Om Swamiji on eve of his birthday and told Bani that she is still to showcase her real self to this real world. Well, let’s catch the highlights of the last night episode show:

Manu and Manveer call Swamiji an innocent kid

As said above, Manveer Gujjar is seen gifting an empty box to Swamiji hence calling it his birthday gift. After the latter was seen accepting the gift, the duo (Manu Punjabi and Manveer) was seen talking Swamiji among themselves. They now call him innocent, but weird. He further said that he would have been the second “Jagga” if he not been innocent.

The love of melodrama by Swamiji continued till the episode of Monday when he was seen crying about Monalisa when he allowed him to touch her head for few minutes. He said that he always wanted “love” but never got the same. He then said her that Mona is the only person inside the Bigg Boss house who has given the permission to touch her head.

Manveer tells Bani that Bigg Boss 10 will not allow people to discover her

Manveer told Bani that she is very much restricting herself and hence people will not be able to know the real Bani via the house of Bigg Boss 10. They are often seen getting into a heated discussion wherein Bani said she is behaving like herself. Manveer then said that she spends her entire day simply eating, sleeping and with Gaurav.

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