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Big B Bats For Virat Kohli

What Virat Kohli did last night at Mohali, no one has to say about it. It was a Do or Die match for India wherein India has to win in order to remain in the World Cup T20. India got the target of 161, which was accomplished with ease and great comfort. The innings witnessed one of the finest spell of 82 by Virat Kohli who played with an average of 122.8, which is simply awesome in a 120 balls format.

With this spell, the first to react on this was Andrew Flintoff who said Virat is simply good at root to which there was a quick reaction from the megastar from Bollywood – Amitabh Bachchan wherein he said Root Who and that we will uproot the root. Big B further tweeted calling Virat to be simply genius and he thanked Virat for the same.

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