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Bhoothnath Returns Movie Review

bhootnaath returns

With election fever round the country, it is very much inevitable to see movies churning out this season are more likely to discuss about the same. Bhoothnath returns releasing today witnesses the ghost aspiring to contest the elections. Will it going to add anything bad in the current chaos or would certainly going to smoothen up the entire process, is really an interesting question to pose. Nitesh Tiwari- the director seems to be exploring this strange but interesting idea in his latest film – Bhoothnath Returns. It is the sequel of his earlier movie – Bhoothnath (2008) wherein Amitabh Bachchan was seen playing the central character with a small boy. However, this movie comes out today with a couple of impressive supporting cast actors including Boman Irani, Usha Jhadav and Anurag Kashyap who are seen playing important roles in this movie, while Shah Rukh Khan is seen playing a cameo character unlike the way he has played in the earlier Bhoothnath.

Considering the fact that the movie is released when the country seems to be voting for the upcoming election, Bhoothnath returns seems to be a topical movie with spice of new humor infused in it. Having a strike a chord with the children who seems to be its target audience, can be a good watch both for kids and adults. The kid who speaks Mumbaiya language simply helps Bhoothnath redeem the ghostly stature as he wants to find a place in the nearby cricket team. The sequel ghost is seen with minimal confidence level, while the movie rolls with a number of sarcastic humors. To sustain the reputation in ghost world, Bhoothnath is seen landing up over the earth with completely a new mission of scaring children here and there, however, this makes the kid (Akhrot) his best friend.

The movie talks more about the darker side of politics in sarcasm wherein Bhoothnath seems to be fighting the local election trying to beat corrupt kind of politician known as Jamez Partho (Boman Irani) who is seen adding up a funny quotient embarking seen with his unique kind of expressions. You may find the idea weird though to see the ghost contesting the elections; however, this is one of the ways adopted by the director to make the movie witty. If you look in terms of plain critics, the first half of the movie seems to move smooth, whereas the second half sounds a bit boring though. You see everything, right from the election campaign, to talking about social issues and other things, which can be too sarcastic to see in this great democratic country like India. Rest things like music, performance of actors like Amitabh Bacchan, Boman Iran and the Mumbaiya kid sounds really incredible to watch!

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