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Bewakoofiyaan Review

Bewakoofiyaan movie review

In this highly competitive world, where the market is seen taking a roller coaster ride, it is fair to say that love has become a currency, which takes a dip whilst there is a recession in the world market. This sounds true in the case of the movie Bewakoofiyaan where in Nupur Ashthana (director this movie) is seen cheerfully drilling on this idea in his romantic comedy movie. The term cheerful is added here for this film for the only reason that that the movie never turns down bleak while managing the buoyant pitch.

If you check the story line of the film Bewakoofiyaan, the male protagonist Mohit Chaddha ( Ayushmann Khurranna ) who happens to be a marketing guy of a top airlines company is out of blue fired for the economic downturn witnessed in the market. He is seen hunting for another good job in the market but his efforts turn out to be a big exercise to futility. He is seen working hard and facing naïve and hostile like of queries over a number of potential employers, which he need to do in order to appease his girl friend called Mayera (Sonam Kapoor) who happens to be a high maintenance banker. However, with almost no positive response coming from his potential employers, he simply lambasts his girl friend.  These can be called as strengths of the movie wherein Mohit seems to be yelling and screaming over his lady.

The fights and quarrels you find between the so called happily and well adjusted couple sound very much real, however, the very depressing part of the movie is that all these arguments are seen revolving round money and material stuff. In a sense, the movie really lacks the element of romance and love in it, while the comedy too seems to be toned down amidst the glamour of money and material. Nevertheless, performance wise the movie sounds cool particularly Rishi Kapoor who plays a dominating father and the struggling marketing guy who seems to carry out a cool chemistry with his girl friend.

Even Sonam seemed doing good while playing her character close to perfection, yet it is difficult to call it a perfect love story. She is more of an over joyous and competitive professional, who seems to be interested in taking a good holiday and catch different movies and parties all the time rather showing any commitment for love and her boy friend.  As far as the other things are concerned, you can certainly find a couple of cool songs, okay kind of music and certainly good locations, which nonetheless showcases lofty multinational company premises and richly home interiors, etc.

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