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Behind the Scenes Pics from some Popular Bollywood Movie Songs

We see the lead actors doing wonders in B Town films. Some dance in scantily dresses amidst the freezing temperatures, while others noticed moving around under the scorching and blazing sun. This certainly adds some interesting behind the camera scenes that instantly lift your mood without any fail. So, if you are an ardent fan of Bollywood films, you would certainly be going to love checking some of the Behind the Scenes from some Popular Bollywood Movies in the following paragraphs:
Rang de tu mohe gerua… Ranjhe ki dil se hai dua…” 
Remember this song, yes it is from the film Dilwale with Kajol and SRK in the film. When they were shooting for this song at the exotic location, they barely knew that the would be captured by freezing temperature and if you check the behind the scenes of this song, you would certainly going to laugh a loud.
Ticket khareed kar baith jao seat par Nikal naa jaaye kahin Chennai Express. Nikal naa jaaye kahin Chennai Express.
When they were shooting for the song, they simply appeared like a great gun mafia one can catch them here in such a scene of their film Chennai Express.
Latt Lag gayi
Latt Lag gayi
When the choreographer couldn’t stop dancing on the floor with the song and to add like the icing of the cake Jaqueline too danced like anything.
Malang Malang 
Malang Malang
This song was challenging to shoot as not the two lead actors of the film called Aamir Khan and Katrina had to undergo rigorous training for the same and either of them was seen having any security.
Mai Tera hero
Malang Malang
Varun was seen with so many expressions at the very same time, which was the time when the director, his father caught him in different moods.
Catfight – PC & Deepika 
Catfight of DP and Priyanka.
When they were shooting for the film Bajirao Mastani, but the behind the scene between the two rival girls seems interesting and gives many messages for the two.
The Pakoras on the sets
The Pakoras on the sets
Once the song Rang De to Mohe Gerua was shot, someone was seen passing the plates of Kaande Bhajiye, yes you heard it right the same pakoras you enjoy a lot during the rainy season.

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