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Barkhaa Movie 2015

Director   : Shadaab Mirza
Producer : Shabana Hashmi
Writer        : Shadaab Mirza
Cast            Sara Loren, Taaha Shah, Priyanshu Chatterjee, Shweta Pandit
Music         : Amjad – Nadeem
Cinematography : Mujahid Raza
Editor         :     Mayuresh Sawant
Distributer :     Zahara Productions
Release dates : 27 March 2015

Barkhaa is an upcoming Bollywood movie whose trailer has been launched by Mahesh Bhatt, under the banner of Zahara Productions. The trailer of this movie has been launched recently and has enjoyed excellent reviews from Bollywood cine-goers. According to the direct, Barkhaa is actually a sensitive and beautiful love story that has been directed and written by Shadaab Mirza. The launch of the trailer was done at Sunny Super sound.

The storyline is that Jatin Sabharwal played by Taaha Shah, is a wealthy lawyer’s (played by Puneet Issar) son and also a serious professional, who is set to take over the legacy of his father. However, his life changes, when he travels to Himachal, where he comes across a beautiful girl called Barkhaa, played by Sara Loren. To Jatin, Barkhaa seems like to be the breeze that comes just before the initial rains. However, she disappears before he can meet her. But they do meet under some strange circumstances. Jatin is quite shocked when he finds that his lady love has been leading a very shocking dark life. But, nothing actually matters, if a heart selects someone to love, not even any harsh truth could change the feelings.

Gullu, played by Rashul Tandon, is the best friend of Jatin, who does his best to dissuade him, just to realize that the latter is madly in love, thereby assuring all his help. In the meanwhile Shilpa, played by Shweta Pandit, supports her friend Barkha.

Barkha’s brother figure is played by Ashish Roy, who desires for her to have all the best things in life. As Barkha and Jatin slowly fall in love with each other, he tries to beat every odd that comes in the way. The question is would Jatin and Barkha unite? Or would their love just get lost in floods, with Barkhaa being left to fate of darkness? This is something that audience has to find out in the theaters as it gets released on 27th March, 2015.


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