Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Bang Bang Crosses 100 Crores at Box Office Till Date

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Smashing the box office collection and spreading it’s un believable impression amongst the fans, it’s time for Bang Bang!! Watch it, the collection can even make you make you still for a while. Despite there were some myths and controversies which were actually rolling all over the media. And the fact is some were in favor of the movie and some were not, but have you ever though off that, the one man ‘Hrithik Roshan can really make it to that level that can break the business of other movie makers like for an example the same day released movie ‘Haider’. However, if we talk about the box office collection of ‘Haider then one thing is clear for sure that ‘Hrithik’s’ Bang Bang had broken up the backbone of Shahid Kapoor’s Haider

Keeping a keen eye on the collection, the predictions already started getting on roll from the initial day itself, by collecting a big bag of more than 28Crores. Continuing with the same response the bag was overloaded with the box office collection of 70Crores in 4 days; however, this collection easily crossed 100Crores in just a week and that stood Bang Bang as 5th Highest Opening Day of All Time.

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