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Bang Bang (2014)

Bang Bang posterActor: Hrithik Roshan
Actress: Katrina Kaif
Release Date: 2nd October, 2014
Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif
Director: Siddharth Anand

Bang Bang is said to be an upcoming Bollywood movie that is slated to be released this 2nd October, 2014. Siddharth Raj Anand is its director and the movie features Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in the lead roles. Fox Star Studios is the producer of the film. It is regarded to be the remake of Knight and Day, which is a Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise starrer and a global hit. It is also considered to be the very first Bollywood movie to be co-produced and shot in Abu Dhabi. The support actors in the movie includes Danny Denzongpa, Jaaved Jaffrey, Anteo Quintavalle, Ron Smoorenburg, Arsha Aghdasi, Preity Uupala, Amir Badri, Parth Akerkar and Pawan Malhotra.

Bang Bang Synopsis

The unique water action based sequences were said to have been shot in Thailand and Greece. Hrithik had performed a stunt in Phuket where he used a jet on the feet to go about 30 feet high only to dive deep down in water. Hrithik had injured himself in this shot and underwent Brain surgery to remove blood clot present in his brain. Hence, there were some delays for the shooting of the movie. In a particular shoot, there were involved 120 cars exclusively for a chase sequence, which got shot in Abu Dhabi. Andy Armstrong is credited with designing all the stunts in the movie. Also a song shoot is said to have been completed at the Film City’s open cafeteria.

The release of the first teaser was performed by Hrithik Roshan and was received with great fan fare. It also revealed the release date and logo of the movie. Later, the film’s motion poster was released on the social network YouTube, which revealed its first look. It has been credited to have surpassed every previous record set by any other Bollywood movie and is presently the most popularly watched trailer/teaser.

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