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Balwinder Singh Famous Hogaya Movie Review

Balwinder Singh Famous Hogaya Movie Review

Too many movies have hit this Friday including the one called Balwinder Singh Famous Hogaya. The movie is directed by Sunil Agnihotri while is produced by Mika Singh, Vandana Jain and Sunil Agnihotri. The main cast of the movie include Mika Singh, Gabriela Bertante, Shaan, Anupam Kher, Asrani, Rajpal Yadav and Vindu Dara Singh. It is produced under the banner of Sunil Agnihotri Productions in association with Vandana Motion Pictures Pvt. Ltd. The movie gives both Mika Singh and Shaan their debut in Bollywood as the two singers come together to enjoy acting in Balwinder Singh Famous Hogaya.

Let us check the plot of the movie, the story has two key characters in it played by both the singers – Mika Singh and Shaan and they have the same name (‘Balwinder Singh’), which is actually the catch of this movie. With the same name, a great confusion is created in the story, while the two are seen on their ways to find out their dream girl, who is being played by the lady called Gabriela Bertante and to grasp up the multimillion property without the known heir. The film displays a comical plot wherein over 130 Balwinder Singhs are seen landing up claiming for the said property.

Well, let us dig deep into the plot and script of the movie. The plot seems lacking the right word wherein two, men with same name meet up in the dream city of Mumbai. However, script has nothing new in it, which deals with the same old and stale stuff, unlike seen and heard in earlier Bollywood movies. What you find in it is simply the most repugnant acting performances by the lead actors and others in it apart from poor dialogues, half-baked story and indigestible humour punches found in it.  The movie is being tried to take up with the help of five songs with hot and sensual actor, which is played by the sex siren- Gabriela Bertante. The music and songs really didn’t got the catch for the filmmakers.

Final word – Balwinder Singh Famous Hogaya

Everyone in the case really behaved like the certified Looney Toons, while both Mika and Shaan tried to pull out all the tricks found in the hat of commercial actor. The movie though may comprise of elements like slapstick, romance/flirt, hamming and comedy, etc, however, to put in straightforward and simple words, the movie is a simple waste of time and money, which you shouldn’t be trying out on your own.  Both in terms of performance and technicalities, the movie can be called as a big disaster, however, if you happen to be the fan of Mika Singh or Shaan then you would not mind catching up this movie or else you have too many options out there to catch with. Thus considering such an old and stale script, poor story telling approach, and weird acting, the rating of 1 would suffice.

Rating – 1.0

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