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Badmashiyaan Movie Review

badmashiyan-movie review

Catch fun and masti till the last minute of Badmashiyaan

Badmashiyaan falls under the category of romantic comedy movie, which is hitting this Friday along with slew of other films. It has all the newbies except the talented Sharib Hashmi. The newbie on the board comprises of Suzanna Mukherjee, Karan Mehra, Gunjan Malhotra and Sidhant Gupta. Badmashiyaan marks his second innings in B Town film after Filmistan, which is directed by Amit Khanna and produced by Vijay Gutte. The movie has a run time of around 132 minutes close two hours, while the music comes from Bobby Imran and edited by Rahul Bhatnkar, which is produced under the banner of VRG Motion Pictures. Let’s dig deep into the film as under:

Meet Dev Arora played by Siddhant Gupta, who is the owner of a cafe. Then you have his girl friend called Na-Ri played by the gorgeous Suzanna Mukherjee. Dev is still to propose her lady, and one fine day he plans to do so, which however remains incomplete. Thanks to the con young lady who flees away from the scene the very fine day when Dev is all set to propose her. In this romantic comedy flick this beautiful girl – Nariis simply thinks about money. Her boyfriends keep on changing as per the money she finds in their bank balances. She first love boys and then cons them at the end. He then assigns the job of finding Nari to a private detective called Pinkesh played by Karan Mehra who is also his friend. In the meantime, Dev comes across another lady called Palak Mehra played by Gunjan Malhotra who happens to his neighbour.  Soon, the detective find out that Nari is living these days with a don called Jassi played by Sharib Hashmi. Jassi has reformed and left all his gangster’s activities beside to start his new life with the lady. What happens next is interesting to explore, whether Dev will get back her love and what would the reformed Jassi will do hearing all his love story, will he return to his gangster avatar, how Nari is planning to con this don, catch the film to find the answers of these questions.

Now talking about performances, Sharib Hashmi has been incredible while playing the character of a reformed don. The way he has acted the character of a don is simply mind blowing, which one can only expect from a seasoned actor. In just two films, and Badmashiyaan being his third venture, he has in a very small amount of time carved his niche in B Town of a perfect actor. You will get to see his dexterity in his performance in the movie. On the other side, the con lady, Naari played by Suzzana Mukherjee too is good, though it’s her debut movie, but the kind of performance she has portrayed while playing a straight forward and money sucking lady is simply awesome. In her role of a tomboyish girl who is straight and too money centric, she has impressed with her performance. Don’t forget to catch the lip-lock session of hers with Hashmi, you would love it over the silver screen. Similar is the story of other characters including that of Dev and Karan played by Siddhant Gupta and Karan Mehra respectively too is impressive.

The script has all the fun, which its promises to the audience. The fun unlimited continues till the last minute of the film, which makes the film a cool to watch. The other elements like music, editing and screenplay remained par, making the movie a quality product. This is Amit Khanna’s second movie, which seemed promising this time at least when you compare it with the earlier ones. His direction skills in the film can keep the audience engaged for a long haul. Talking about the other elements, it has everything, which can make the film better to best. These certainly include the songs and music as well.

Last Word For Badmashiyaan Review :

Badmashiyaan is essentially a romantic comedy; however, it has all the major elements that any typical B town movie encompasses. The glaring performances of actors especially that of Hashmi, unlimited fun and entertainment can really keep you glued for a long. Despite having less star value, the Badmashiyaan team is able to transcend with a soothing, which is worth watching over the silver screen. This gives the film a higher rating.

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