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Baby Movie Review : Splashing Akshya Kumar in Every Action

Baby movie review

Flawless script, incredible performances giving tribute to countless unsung heros who laid their lives for country’s honor and pride

Critics Rating – 3.5

After watching PK, the audience has now become very much demanding. They now want rich content based movies, which the filmmakers seem to have realized hence the year 2015 has a couple of good content oriented movies.  The combination of the duo- Neeraj Pandey and Akshay Kumar has simply given an impression to have a content rich movie unlike the previous ones – Special 26. Neeraj has been fond of giving some of the most gripping movies including the one with Akshay Kumar earlier and not to forget the film A Wednesday, which created stir in the media on the way of handling terrorism by a common man. Even the theatrical trailer has created much buzz making the interesting Indian espionage action thriller movie reach out to the next level. Now, let’s dig deep into the film starring Akshay Kumar and Taapsee Pannu as under.

Let’s check the story line first. India along with other countries in the world has been constantly under the lethal terrorists’ attacks and we often see our security forces slogging and flushing out these maniacs. Amidst all such attacks, a newly and competently formed elite team of soldiers decide to deal with these ferocious terrorists, just when these elements are busy masterminding the heinous act. Akshay Kumar plays the lead role of Ajay Singh Rajput who is an intelligence officer leading this elite team as chosen by his senior Danny Denzongpa to form a high profile confidential counter intelligence unit. Just when Ajay is busy foiling one of the terrorist attacks in the country, he finds out a major risk to the country intended to create the fear psychosis among the habitats of the country. It is interesting to check, how Ajay and his team is able to deal with one of the dreaded terrorist called Maulana Mohammed Rahman played by Rashid Naz.

Now, let’s check the performances starting with the script. As you know Baby is all about a power pack performance, hence it is inevitable to have a few weaker sequences in such movies. Such dull moments have the potential to ruin the pace and tone of the movie. However, Baby is away from this flaw, thanks to the dexterous director who has taken all pains to remove all such elements and putting a well crafted script, which makes both the audience and critics speechless. I am sure, when the audience would look at the conversation between Jameel Khan and Ajay during the interrogation, discussing about the difference between nationality and religion, it would be simply greeted with loads of claps and whistles. Above all the climax of the film is simply incredible wherein you would simply love the power packed performance of Akshay Kumar along with Anupam Kher as Om Prakash Shukla and Rana Daggubati as Jai Singh Rathore is simply incredible.

Baby is among rare movies wherein even the characters in cameo too were stealing the show with cool performances. Akhay Kumar has been marvellous in his role of an intelligence officer, far better than the one, which he did in Holiday. Right from his body language, to his dialogues, acting and other things, everything seems synchronised with the said character of the film. To some extent the credit for this also goes to the director, who has been simply ace in making such movies keeping terrorism at the centre. After all, Neeraj Pandey has directed, written the screenplay, dialogues and story of the film so a larger portion of applauds should go to this man. With his incredible performance he has indeed paid a tribute to many of the unsung and unseen heros who laid their lives for the country for her honour and pride.

Anupam Kher was also superb in his character wherein he has both the faces – a serious and funny one as well. Tapsee Pannu is seen in a different role far better than the one she was seen in the film Chashme Badoor especially when she is seen fighting with the terrorist. Above all the man Rasheed Naz simply was seen stealing the show while playing the character of dreaded terrorist called Maulana Rahman. Right from his body language, to appearance, dialogues, etc, everything simply went incredible. Many of the times, he in a negative role seemed indispensible for the movie Baby, which can even compel the audience to hate him for his vendetta for your country. That’s the hallmark of his performance and beauty of the film. Similarly, Kay Kay Menon playing the character called Bilal Khan too speaks volume. Though he is seen with a shorter screen performance, but he proves with his performance that smaller roles too can have an equal amount of impact unlike bigger roles with greater performance.

Above all, let’s not forget Danny Denzongpa, he seemed very much mature in his performance. The other aspects like editing, music, screenplay, dialogues, etc, everything remained perfected and neatly crafted, thanks to the talented and skilled man called Neeraj. The movie is very much best shot and happens to be extremely visually appealing. The movie has some of the best locations right from places like Bombay, Delhi, Istanbul, Kathmandu and even Abu Dhabi. The cinematography has been incredible, which call together make the movie extremely adrenaline movie. This is perhaps the first movie to use Octocopter a robust device like flying machine (chopper), which is used to capture some of the best aerial shots. Lastly, you can even find many of the shots are being covered at the real time locations including the busy streets, which makes the feel of the film very much realistic and authentic.

Baby Movie Review : Last Word

Overall this sleek action thriller film is a must watch and perfectly synchronises with the weekend’s theme, which would be dominated by patriotism that is ironically witnessed only during the 15th August and 26th January. Considering the catch of the film, the timing of its release seems very much perfect. Indeed Neeraj Pandey with such movies can be called as the king of thriller drams genre, as he has the expertise of bringing out an end product with utmost high quality, which can speak for itself. Perhaps this is the reason, why he has kept the promotion of his film a bit low profile since he knows that when his movie will hit the theatres, it is more likely to create that buzz considering the rich and competent content in it.


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  1. Just Awesome……… No words to appreciate this beautiful effort of the Perfect Director and Star Actor……. Must Watch Movie…… Baby

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