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Akshay’s Baby take over Sonam’s Dolly Ki Doli at 5th day box office

Baby & Dolly Ki Doly

The two shinning chicks which were nothing but awesome on the promos and trailers, and none of us have ever thought that, there presence can surely smash the box office with a magnifying number. But, finally on the floor of B town and touched the silver screens last week. Are you confused what we are depicting about? Hold on, it’s all about those two movies namely Baby and Dolly Ki Doli which were released last Friday and indeed exploring a toughest battle between them, but in the end of week it was finally Baby which is leading with an eye catchy response in the box office. Let’s have a brief of these sequentially.

Starting with one of our favorite, the one n only stunt man of B town i.e. Akshay Kumar’s Baby, a movie under the directions of Neeraj Pandey featuring Akshay and Taapsee Pannu as leading roles, the movie seems to occupy  a position that will be harder for any other movie to even break it a bit. Yes, indeed it seems like we are depicting something strange, however with the figures anyone can easily evaluate what exactly we mean. Have a look on this with a stunning response on it’s first day the movie crossed 9.30 Crore, and continuing the similar response the movie actually grabbed 11.7 Crore till the end of week, and guess what the movie is still leading with 56.87 Crore for one week box office collection.

Coming on the movie that seems to be crazy a bit, yes it’s not we; if you must have watched it then surely you may also find it to a level of extent that definitely mean craziness. Back on track, the movie ‘Dolly Ki Doli’ featuring the leading stars Sonam Kapoor, Pulkit Samrat, Rajkumar Rao & Varun Sharma. However if we talk about the response then the movie was just able grab 2.55 Crore on it’s first day and if we talk about the box office collection till the end of week then it was nothing but 4.25 Crore and up till now the movie has occupied 10 Crore in one week. Let’s just wait n watch what sort of game does these movies play till they are out from the box office.

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