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Ayushmann Khurrana: ‘I use my social media to draw attention to really fantastic artists!’

Ayushmann Khurrana, a Bollywood star, is a complete unknown who has built a reputation for himself on his own merits. The poster boy of Indian content cinema, who has delivered eight consecutive box office smashes, is continuously on the lookout for and sharing profiles of outstanding young artists with no ties to Bollywood. He believes they are deserving of all the attention in order to break through and build a reputation for themselves.

The actor says, “I follow a lot of incredible young poets, singers, performing artists, dancers who are yet to burst onto the scene and I’m always awed by their talent. So, I try and use my social media to draw attention to these really fantastic artists who I feel are the future disruptors. The reason for doing so is rooted in my past.”

TIME Magazine named Ayushmann one of the World’s Most Influential People in 2019. He has been doing this since 2019 and has used the pandemic to aggressively discover and encourage such talents.

“When I was looking to make a name for myself, I didn’t have the power of social media to put myself out there. I didn’t have the ways to get the opportunities I could have got years back. So, I feel if we all can use our social media as a platform to bring out some of the best talents, we would be doing right by our country and the genius it has to offer,” says the Dream Girl actor.

Ayushmann thinks that India is wealthy in terms of talent which should be discovered. He says, “There is a need to constantly find brilliant new artists because they will be shapers of future. Their honesty to the craft and passion make my day. Anywhere you look, you will find raw talent in our country. Let’s share and celebrate their skills and bring out the future generation of artists from the house next door.”

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