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‘Ayush Mishra Baazigar’ helping a lot of fantasy cricket league players though his extraordinary cricket analysis skills

‘Ayush Mishra Baazigar’ is getting rapidly popular now-a-days for his top-notch cricket analysis skills in the big bash leagues. People, who have taken consultancy from him, started calling him ‘Baazigar’ after seeing almost 90% to 95% success ratio.

Ayush Mishra popularly known as Baazigar is an expert for his predictions in Cricket matches. People who play online fantasy cricket games like Dream 11 or similar kinds of games used to follow him blindly because of his accuracy in predicting the winning team’s results. His predictions are on average up to 80% correct and when it comes to Big Bash League matches; it reaches up-to 90-95%. This is the reason why more than 2 lakhs people from various corners of the world follow him on Telegram to get perfect match predictions.

In recent times he has unconditionally helped a lot of people to win matches in various fantasy cricket league apps and he has earned a lot of love and respect in this fantasy cricket field.

Ayush Mishra Baazigar gained enormous skills and experience in this field but most importantly his sixth sense about the match predictions is the factor which made him famous today. He always tries to give genuine guidance to people who are quite new to this field with a pure intention to help them. On a daily basis, though his telegram channel lots of people are getting connected to him to get his consultancy expertise.

His advice to all the fantasy cricket players is “If you can gain proper deep knowledge about this field, then only you can take it up-to the bigger level day by day. Without knowledge and without the help of an experienced consultant don’t blindly invest your precious time and money in this field.”



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