Audrey D’Silva: The Journey of a Young Femina Miss India Goa Beauty to Anchor and a Model 

Audrey DSilva
Audrey DSilva

Audrey D’Silva is a popular name in Goa. She has done her studies in media and worked in local newspapers and magazines. However, soon her good looks and competitive communication helped him bag the role of an anchor and she started taking up live shows and concerts along with showcasing at the app shows and awards. However, with time, she also realized that she should take a chance in the modeling world as well as she was in the field of anchor and media that took her close to this field as well. Soon she participated in the FBB Colors Femina Miss India Goa in 2019 and she bagged the title for it.

Since then it has been no looking back for the diva as she got the chance to constantly escalate in the coming time to do big in this domain. This gave her the chance to enter the field of modeling as well thus allowing her to be a part of many brands and companies promoting them in the print and other forms of media. As she turned active in the field of modeling and allied domains, she made sure to be part of social media in a big way. She turned active on social media platforms thus emerging as an influencer in the coming time.

She has remained the part and parcel of many groups as modeling assignments that made her grow big in this domain. She is an influencer in the field and loves to promote different brands along with several products and services. She has to go a long way, even though she has completed eight years in this field. She has to go a long way as she calls this to be still in the nascent stage and makes sure that she would proper high and high soaring to new heights.

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