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Asha Bhosle A Living Legend in Bollywood

Versatile singing in Bollywood who have been giving her voice in the Hindi Cinema can recollect only one name, yes, you guessed it right – Asha Bhosale. She started singing when other children start learning to speak. Since 1943, she has been singing non-stop. Despite having a roller coaster life in her initial, mid and other levels of her career, she has remained rock steady to embark on the red carpet turning the most popular singer across diverse generation. Though her sister Lata is named as Nightingale of India, but she is confined to certain genre of songs, which is certainly not the case with Asha.  She is, nonetheless, an incredible power bank of cool voice and increasingly being liked more. Her forte makes her embark with a magnificent range and versatility, which is a rare breed in singing altogether.

The Rise-Fall-Rise of the singing legend

If you feel that her elder sister had nurtured her in her younger age, think again. The fact is she was never nurtured. Initially, it was the dire need of her sustenance. When she got her first break as a professional singer in a Hindi movie called Chunariya in 1950, she was noticed as a playful voice, however, in the early fifties, she was cornered by the leading singers, which also included her own elder sister. Soon she with her struggle could get sidelined songs primarily showcased over the vamps and negative characters. But she didn’t choose to give up, on the contrary, she banged the industry with the CID film in 1956 under the leadership of OP Nayar. She embarked with hits like Aaiye Meherban’, ‘Deewana Hua Badal’, ‘Isharon Isharon Mein’, ‘Aao Huzur Tumko’, ‘Ude Jab Jab Zulfein Teri’ and many more. They worked till 1974 and then she parted ways. Soon she was recognized by RD Burman and with him she gave a number of hits for the films like Kaala Pani, Insaan Jaag Utha, Kaala Bazaar, Teen Deviyaan and Lajwanti, Sujata.Asha-Bhosle autograph

A Legend is a Legend Anyway

With her incredible singing talents, she proved her mettle in Bollywood and surprised countless of her fans with her vivacious songs. She has sung with every generation singer without allowing the gaps between the generations and values that ever seen palpable. We therefore get to see an artist excel giving songs of diverse varied genres. With such a high spree in her singing she entered her name in 2011 in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most recorded artiste in the history of any playback singer. She has sung over 11,000 songs, which is simply a hard-won victory.

Wrapping up

Asha has come a long way in playback singing and proved her mettle hard in the industry overtaking even her sister back. She faced many tragedies and losses, right with no support in her initial days of her career from her sister to losing her husband and even her daughter, but her singing never came to an end in her that makes her a true legend in playback singing not just in B Town but all across the musical world that exists on this planet.

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