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As a sought-after Indian film critic, Adarsh Swaroop’s idea of cinema and journalism brings him to the industry’s forefront

Adarsh Swaroop believes he is a film lover before a film critic, editor, film trade analyst, and journalist, which has earned him massive laurels and recognition.

It is indeed amazing to know and learn about all those people who ensure to put their best foot forward in all that they choose to do in their careers. These individuals and professionals working across different sectors around the world make sure to dive deeper into their niches, fall more in love with their work, and create something that can add more value into the lives of all those they cater to.

Through their impeccable work, they also prove how passion for something, when combined with the right set of efforts and knowledge, can lead to creating a unique path for oneself. We saw how Adarsh Swaroop did the same in the world of journalism and more so in the film critics and review niche as a one-of-a-kind film critic, editor, film trade analyst, and journalist.

Adarsh Swaroop hails from Agra, India, and was born on 31st December 1992. He belonged to a business family. However, his dreams were beyond all this as he very early had realized his love for the media space. This motivated him to start his career in journalism, and he went ahead to become a film critic, film trade analyst, editor, and even a model, content writer, script & screenwriter, hacker, Income Tax, GST, and Law advisor. This proves his versatility as a professional and imbues more inspiration in the youth of India today with his successes.

Adarsh Swaroop works with the renowned Indian publication house Hindustan Times as a senior content writer and films critic analyst. He was only 20 when he began his journey as a film critic and had also served as an editor at Taj News, a local news channel in Agra. Today, with Hindustan Times, he has stamped his presence as a top movie critics analyst. Besides this, the young talent also optimizes social media platforms like Instagram (@adarsh_swaroop_) to share his views, reviews, and analysis on movies.

As a journalist, film, and trade analyst, he wants other budding talents in the industry to focus on being honest and authentic in presenting their opinions and reviews in their niches. Instead of blindly following what other professionals are doing in the industry, film critics and analysts must focus on how they can present a genuine review, whether good or bad, to the audiences without sensationalizing things.

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