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Artist Mona Patel’s upcoming song is full of HOPE

Mona Patel is an Australian, Indian-born singer songwriter and music Producer, currently residing in Perth. The emerging artist has a background and training in Jazz Contemporary Vocals, and is also a Music Production graduate from SAE Perth. Her latest one vocal take track ‘Hope to Heal’ follows the exceptional response to her last three singles, which have attracted numerous Spotify streams and substantial online support from all over the globe. Mona has also travelled extensively all over the world since she was a child, and is using her transglobal experience now to leave her legacy and create her mark.

The hypnotic vocalist captures listeners with her latest ‘Hope to Heal,’ through its pristine production, enchanting melody, and raw vocal elements which are rare in today’s pop sphere. Listening to this track, you can see her absolute love of story-telling come through strongly. The singer uses lyrics such as ‘Grab your jumper and hold it tight, cause it gets you right through the night’ painting a powerful visual representation for the listener through her song.

Mona, having produced the track herself, expertly combines orchestral elements in the composition, selecting the strings instruments to be at the forefront of the composition. The strings instruments which are used; violins, viola, cello and double bass are all harmonized throughout to support the main vocal, to convey an uplifting message of hope, and of better times to come.

The lyrics from her latest song ‘Hope to Heal’ highlight the traumatic journey the world has endured over the course of the two year pandemic. Mona lyrically conveys her faith in the power of the greater good – ‘we hope to heal from all the pain’

Mona’s background and study in human rights and commercial law, has afforded the singer the ability to navigate the music industry’s difficult world of contracts and legalities, and understanding her rights as a musical artist. Her vision for her music and its impact has always been clear. “All I want to do is make people feel alive, the same way I do when I hear a really great song” say’s Mona.

“Music has always been such a pivotal part of my life since I have been a child. It has uplifted me, comforted me, encouraged me and inspired me. I am driven to share my passion which I have for music, songwriting and production, with the world. I want people to feel what I feel. It’s that mutual empathy.”

Mona takes her cues from contemporary pop sources, but still retains a consistent streak of originality throughout her releases. The contrast in her latest song of pop elements, with the string and synths, creates a mesmerizing ensemble which certainly warrants the spotlight.

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