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Why Arjun Rampal’s met Gawli explains Producer Mandar Dalvi ?

Arjun Rampal Arun Gawli meeting official statement

After creating much furore with the headline of Arjun Rampal meeting the gangster Arun Gawli at the hospital, people were keen to know about what exactly happened there, which brought forth summons to the hot hunk of Bollywood. The Mumbai Police called the meeting unauthorised and that’s the reason why they have sent out summons at the actor’s place. Finally there is an official statement coming out from the producer – Mandar Dalvi himself. He stated in his official statement that the actor has made the gangster only in connection to his character of don, which he will be playing in his upcoming biopic called Daddy.

He confessed that he and Arjun met the gangster at the JJ Hospital premises when he was there for the medical checkup. He further informed that the meeting was just accidental as the duo was there coincidentally when Gawali was brought forth for the treatment. According to him, nothing was planned and they were able to find the gangster in lobby, which made them the request to the official for the meeting. The police on duty were very much cooperative and updated them about the legal formalities. He then said that he and his production house would abide by all the rules as put forth by the authority for the further meetings.

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