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Arjun Kapoor always stays strong with his girlfriend Malaika Arora, and we have the proof

Arjun Kapoor and Malaika Arora are one of Bollywood’s most popular couples. They’ve been together for over four years and continue to give their followers big relationship dreams. The couple’s trips and social media posts show that they are madly in love with one another. We’ve watched the passionately in love pair support each other several times. Arjun has stood up for his ladylove on several occasions. Arjun has proven he has ‘boyfriend goals’ by criticizing a media platform for circulating false pregnancy rumours about his girlfriend or by shutting down ugly trolls who target her.

Pregnancy rumours:

Malaika Arora

Arjun Kapoor recently lambasted an Instagram media page for propagating false pregnancy rumours regarding Malaika. Arjun, who is known for his outspokenness, wrote, “This is the lowest that you could have gone and you have done it by being casual. Insensitive and absolutely unethical in carrying garbage news.” He chastised the journalist for penning ‘false gossip stories.’ He finished by stating, “Don’t dare to play with our personal lives.” Malaika also reacted to her pregnancy rumours and called it ‘disgusting’.

Shuts down break-up rumours:

Arjun and Malaika split up earlier this year, according to reports. Arjun, who understands how to cope with critics, posted a gorgeous selfie with his ladylove on Instagram. Arjun stated in his caption, “Ain’t no place for shady rumours. Stay safe. Stay blessed. Wish well for people. Love y’all.” Fans loved Arjun’s sassy answer to the trolls.

Arjun’s hilarious comeback to wedding rumours:

Arjun Kapoor

There have been rumours about the couple’s wedding since they made their romance official. Arjun and Malika are in a good place and have no plans to marry. Arjun previously put a stop to wedding rumours with Malaika in a humorous way. He wrote on his Instagram Stories, “Love how everyone seems to know more about my life than I do.”

Arjun lashed out at a media outlet for comparing his and Malaika’s wealth:

Arjun Kapoor Malaika Arora

Arjun previously chastised a media outlet for comparing his and fiancée Malaika Arora’s fortune. Later, he erased the post. Arjun’s message, according to the portal stated, “It’s sad & shameful to read a daft headline like this in 2021. Of course she earns well and has worked hard for so many years to be in a place not be compared to anyone let alone me.”

On getting trolled for age-gap:

Arjun and Malika are ten years apart in age. Many unpleasant things have been said about the pair. Earlier, in an interview with, Arjun reacted to being trolled by saying, “Firstly, I think that the media is the one who goes through the comments from people. We don’t even look at 90% of it so the trolling cannot be given so much importance, because it’s all fake. Those same people will be dying to take a selfie with me when they meet me, so you cannot believe that narrative.” The pair has demonstrated that all that matters is love.

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