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What Arbaaz Has to Say about Salman’s Raped Woman Statement?

arbaaz speaks about salman's statement

After Salim Khan’s apology on behalf of his son Salman Khan about the controversial statement when the actor was seen comparing his conditions after the training with a raped woman, it’s his brother Arbaaz Khan who is seen saying something about the same when he finally faced the media. He was speaking to the press on the launching of his film Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai when he was asked about this question. He first said that the venue is not appropriate to talk about this issue as Salman Khan has nothing to do with this news. However, when the press insisted, Arbaaz finally seen clarifying his statement, which he did with great poise.

Speaking to the media, he categorically said, he is not accountable for what his brother has said in an interview or what he has to do about his life or marriage. He then reminded everyone that Salman is a 50 year old man and he is mature enough to make statements with responsibility. He jibed by saying that he has not installed any GPRS on his brother to check what’s happening with him. He then said his comments may not be right but he must have realized the same. He further added that such statements shouldn’t be taken out of context and shouldn’t be desensitized and lastly concluded by saying that he doesn’t owe any apology to anyone, however, a clarification on the same can be given by him.

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