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Aravinda Prakash wins Bronze Medal, Represents India in Colombo

Aravinda Prakash defeated 16 other representatives from different countries and made it to Quarter Finals.

Coming from Trichy and making India proud in Colombo, That’s Aravinda for you! Aravinda Prakash won Bronze Medal in the ‘Overall Pro-Boxing Championship’ which happened in Colombo, Srilanka from the 11th to the fifteenth of December in 2021 where Aravinda was in the ‘Super Heavy Weight’ Catagory.

In total there were 16 players from different countries where Aravinda was the only one to rule the affiliation game and the Quarter’s last match where he was succeeded in semi-finals by a Srilankan Player.

Later Aravinda won the bronze Medal and got selected for the upcoming ‘South Asian Professional Boxing Games’ which is going to be held in Malaysia in February 2022. Where if Aravinda performs extraordinary he will be selected next for the Asian Title Professional Boxing Match.

Aravinda’s father used to work as a Driver and his mother was a homemaker. Aravinda Prakash who continued on from ‘Bishop Heber College’ never gave up on his dreams and as a result, despite him not having any support, he has played multiple international games. And in 2017 to help the unprivileged adolescent players Aravinda opened an Academy called ‘ARVIND’S ACADEMY OF BOXING’ where he has been preparing 20+ players free of cost where they have been winning numerous state-level Championships.



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