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Anupamaa: Pakhi blames her husband for domestic violence

StarPlus show Anupamaa is at the top of its game. This TV show is getting a lot of gratitude and applause from all intersections. In the show, we get to see all the twists and turns and we are overcome by that. The current Anupamaa episode features a fight for Dimpy between Anu, Barkha, Kavya, Samar, and Kinjal. They raise awareness of Manan and receive widespread support. Anu and Anuj make every effort to support Dimpy in his battle against the evildoers. Vijendra and Manan, on the other hand, become adamant about giving Anupama and Dimpy a lesson in life.

Vijendra and Manan had intended to kidnap Anupmaa and Dimpy in the upcoming Anupamaa episode, but instead tied Piya and Manan’s mother. They are shocked when Anu confronts them. Manan and Vijendra were both arrested after Anupamaa and Dimpy called the police. The entire family is filled with pride for Anupama. Vijendra is informed by Manan that they ought to have killed Anupama and Dimpy.


Piya advises Manan to turn himself in to the police when Manan’s mother calls her son shameless. Vijendra tries to calm him down as he extends his hand to his sister. According to Vijendra, his son erred, and he advises his family to get ready for Piya’s nuptials. The maid for Vijendra resigns from her position because she wants to help Anupama and Dimpy. Manan warns Vijendra that the media would damage their reputation as Anuj heads to defend them.

Pakhi, on the other hand, is unwilling to make concessions and prefers to live a life of luxury. Adhik and Pakhi have a disagreement. Pakhi leaves the house after being told to do so by Adhik and goes to the Shah residence. She accuses Adhik of domestic abuse, and Vanraj is enraged by her claims. Anupamaa will make an effort to learn the truth because she does not believe Pakhi.

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