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Anil Kapoor Treads the entrepreneurial path

anil kapoor turns businessman

The superstar of B Town Anil Kapoor is known for many things right from his top hits on silver screen to famous TV series like 24, he is now making headlines for venturing into entrepreneurship after investing some undisclosed amount at the known global social video sharing platform called Indi.com. The portal is known for conceptualizing the vision to offer brands with strong digital media engagement all across the number of social networks, the company has invited different brands in order to organize certain special challenges and thus gain the traction at the known social media sites.

Anil Kapoor has the experience of working with bigger companies related to films since past three decades who feels that his experience will certainly guide him in his new venture. He while talking to the media said that he finds entrepreneurship to be a lifestyle of sorts and for him, it has been very much a natural extension of things that he has been doing all these years behind the scenes. He equated the amount of creativity, innovation, resources, skills and passion needed to make films, the same can be used to do business, which can be therefore called as the spirit of the same.

He said he liked the idea of Indi.com, which he calls to be a disruptive idea that helps in connection different people and brands regardless to the fact of weighing their social statues in the market. He further said, it helps in connecting the brands and people in a right way. He later applauded the idea of Make In India that can be a power booster to the startup companies like this. Anil Kapoor is now gearing up for his TV show called 24 second season, which is in its promotion spree in which Aamir Khan has a cameo as well.

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