All that struggle is worth, If you reach the destination, Says inkman Aakash Chandani Read about his journey, vision and dreams yet to be fulfilled

Aakash Chandani
Aakash Chandani

Tattoo Artist Aakash Chandani is already a famous name in central India, His finesse at the art can be imagined by his clientele which includes many famous personalities like Rajasthan Royals player Akashdeep Nath, Singers Divya Chouksey and Stebin Ben, the list is long. The man has won many accolades for his talent at a various famous tattoo convention, Recently we spoke to this soft-spoken gentleman, Excerpts from his interview:

How, and when you decided to choose this body art as a profession?

I was inclined towards various forms of art from my childhood days, but due to the untimely death of my father, I left my passion behind to face the struggles of life. I started working at an early age of 14 and earned life as a street vendor and doing small jobs, but somehow the zeal to make it big in life never died, along with my regular job I started doing temporary tattoos just as a hobby, but my tattoos were really getting appreciated everywhere and people suggested that I must try my hands-on permanent tattoos, which will also help me earn better, but I had no formal training in it. Somehow convinced I went Delhi with a thought of doing some research on this profession, There I met an artist who was really talented and expert of the inking art ,When I asked him if he could train me, He was generous enough, I took 4 days training from him, ‘That’s the only formal training I have, After returning I could not find anyone to try my hands-on, so I inked on my own body, which is extremely difficult to do, but I really worked hard to get expertise” And slowly all the struggle and hard work paid off


When you decided that you wanted to be a tattoo artist, was your family supportive about it? As it was a quite offbeat career choice at that time

“Yes my family supports me wholeheartedly” (Laughs)

Is that any particular form of tattoos that you specialize in? Which one is your favorite form?

Although I do every kind of tattoos, Tribal,  Realism, Color, And Portrait, But I really love doing Portrait tattoos, especially, cartoon characters


In 2018, You started Bhopal Tattoo festival Single handedly in your native town, How did the idea come across?

In 2017 I went to participate in Pune Tattoo festival, One fine day I was just sitting casually with few of other artist and having general discussion, I asked one of the artist that why he is not participating inspite of being so good at it, He sighted “Huge cost as the main factor, That is when this Idea struck in my mind, That even the beginners and struggling artists must get chance to showcase their talent and get appreciated, So I decided That I should also start similar event, where such talented  artists could participate, and couldn’t think of any better place than Bhopal, which is my native town, from where my struggle had begun.

You have attended many Tattoo festivals and event and got recognition, IS there any particular event that you dream to participate in?

Yes, London tattoo convention, As that is the event where more than 300 artists from all over the world compete with each other

Any national/International personality you want to ink ?

Oh yes, I have just started, the list is long but definitely Virat Kohli and M.S.Dhoni are 2 living legends I would love to ink

Where do you see yourself in next 10 years?

If god would be kind enough, I would definitely work really hard to take my name among top 3 color realistic tattoo artist of Asia.

And, How do see the future of Indian tattoo industry?

We have extremely talented pool of artists and legends here, If we work in unity definitely our country is going to lead the world of body art.

He sums up

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