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All blood types could turn into universal donors soon

Our Immune system is very much sensitive when it comes to blood groups, while even small kind of residual antigens can create an immune response. As per a Canadian researcher and his group, they have developed a method to transform all the donated blood into neutral type, which can be donated to any patient.  As per the researchers, they have created a special type of enzyme, which will help in changing the blood types. The enzymes simply work on the basis of snipping off the sugars, which is also called as sugars called as antigens as found in different types including Type A and Type B converting similar to the Type O.

The Type O Blood is called as the universal donor and could be given to patients of different blood types. With these enzymes the researchers from BC will be able to remove the antigens found in Type A and B Blood.  The groups has claimed to create a mutant enzyme, which is very much efficient at cutting down the sugar levels in A and B blood. In order to create this high end enzyme, which is capable of snipping off the sugars, the researcher and his team has employed a new technology – directed evolution, which carries inserting mutations into the gene that codes for the enzyme, followed by choosing mutants, which turn more effective at cutting down the antigens.

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