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Alia Bhatt’s designer Mrinalini Chandra gave details about kaleeras and many more

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s first wedding images, which the actress published on Thursday evening along with the formal announcement, had us swooning. Fans, fashionistas, and design aficionados scrutinized the couple’s wedding attire down to the tiniest of details. The Sabyasachi bride and groom had various little elements carved in their appearance, from Alia Bhatt’s new-age mangalsutra to her exquisite kaleeras.

Mrinalini Chandra, a celebrity kaleera designer who specializes in customized kaleeras, was contacted by Pinkvilla. The actress’ kaleeras included clouds, stars, and husband Ranbir Kapoor’s favorite number 8, according to Alia Bhatt’s wedding images.

Elaborating on designing bespoke kaleeras, Mrinalini said, “The idea of bespoke is that, I truly feel that it is such a personal thing and kaleeras can have only the thing you want. It’s very personal. Sometimes there are messages that I will make the bride write or make the husband write for the bride. And the bride gets to see it at the wedding. So these are the kind of details I add to my (creations).” Alia seemingly opted for short, dainty, and delicate kaleeras that covered the length of her bangles.

She further added, “It is so personal. For example, Natasha Dalal wanted it so small and delicate, you can’t tell what’s going on and they know it. It is for them to know. They want the people to keep guessing. If you see, it reflects their personality. The kind of people they are. From my end, I can only share my happiness.”

While Mrinalini did not dish anything more on Alia Bhatt’s kaleeras, she spoke in length about other celeb brides. From Priyanka Chopra and Sonam to Katrina Kaif, Mrinalini reminisced how she created unique pieces for all her brides.

“I started with Priyanka Chopra. PC’s kaleeras are by far my favorite. She did a love story kaleera and she was the one who started this trend of love story kaleeras. Her’s was a beautiful story. I actually prepared a Q&A for her and Nick. I included the answers in the kaleera in the form of beautiful motifs. The absolute joy was to see the pictures. It was styled beautifully. I did for Sonam as well but her kaleere had peacocks because she had peacocks on her lehenga as well,” Mrinalini revealed.

She added, “They are absolutely as per the bride’s wishes and desires. Natasha’s kaleeras were in white gold and very delicate. She wanted to keep it very delicate and dainty. So for Natasha, we used Swarovski crystals.”

Giving an wisdom into Katrina’s wedding look, Mrinalini said, “Katrina was very interesting because she wanted messages engraved on coins. In fact, her kaleeras took almost a month to make because the messages were from people. Katrina and Vicky were so private about their story nobody knew anything. So when I was actually getting the details I was happy to know that there’s so much history and so many inside things. There was an ‘OM’ in her kaleera, there was a mention of what they call each other, there was a reference to a cartoon character, such cute things. I was absolutely amused to see. It also included a word that meant only to them – which was another word for paradise – is what she wanted in her kaleera.”

Mrinalini marked off by saying, “To know that all these big, iconic women, who are basically influencing the entire country, are so romantic at heart, it just takes my breath away.”

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