Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Has Akshay Kumar really reacts to ‘slapping his fan’ rumours

akshaykumar slapped his fan

Since past10-12 hours, the rumour is fuming all the way in the media that Akshay Kumar has hit his fan, however, the fact is nothing really happened in this regard. For this you blame the figment of someone’s hyperactive imagination or some of the secret birdies who were seen making one of the most heinous blunders wherein Akshay was projected hitting his ardent fan, while breaching his privacy. Akshay was quick to react on this rumour with this tweets denying the allegation.

This was indeed falsely reported that one of his ardent fan while breaching the security norms of Akki was hit by him in the studio where he was shooting a movie. This fan was alleged to click pictures of Akki without seeking his permission, while seeing the same Akshay simply slapped once losing his cool. However, Akshay Kumar has rubbished all these rumours saying that he was really surprised the way it was reported on a number of media platforms about the incident, which didn’t happen, while the fact is he was simply shooting for Gabbar and busy in his work and how could some idle minds can cook such stories.

This has however, given another controversy wherein people are saying that it was not Akshay Kumar but his body guard who hit the crazy man who was clicking his pictures when Akki was inside the studio. Well, let’s hope to see the complete clarification on this issue by the Khiladi of Bollywood. Till then the only fact remains that it was not Akshay who slapped his fan but someone else who were seen doing so, while some idle mind linked Akki’s name in this regard.

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