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Akshay Kumar Ranks high at Forbes Top 10 in world highest actors’ tally

Akshay Kumar

The Forbes list of richest rich has release in the media and as we check it, we find two Bollywood stars ruling again in the richest actors in the top 10. These are none other than Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. Yes you heard it right we see Akki making in this list of top 10 richest actors in the world, with Salman Khan repeating himself once again in this list. Interestingly, Akshay Kumar was on the seventh list, while the Tiger Zinda Hai actor Salman Khan was seen in the 10th position.  Akshay Kumar was seen securing 40.5 million dollars beating Salman Khan to be on the seventh position, while the latter was seen in the 10th position with the collection of around 44.5 USD.

On the other side, we have the Hollywood actor George Clooney topping the list who scored the fist position to get the collection USD 239 million. As per the Forbes list, we see other actors like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who was seen nearly doubling his 2017 earnings, which ended up making $119m (£92m) in the past a month. On the other side, we saw Scarlett Johannson was seen on the first place in the list of highest paid actress who went on to earn around $40.5m (£31.9m). Well to be precise you can find the list going like this with actors like George Clooney earned $239m, Dwayne Johnson earned $119m whereas Robert Downey Jr has earned $79m.

The others to make in this list include Chris Hemsworth with the earnings of $64.5m, Jackie Chan to earn $45.5m, whereas Will Smith to earn $42m and then came the B Town star Akshay Kumar with the earnings of40.5m USD. The others in this list include Adam Sandler earn $39.5m, Chris Evans earned $34m, and Salman Khan – $33.5m earned in 2018. The others to win in this list include Scarlett Johansson earn $40.5m, Angelina Jolie to $28m, Jennifer Aniston earn $19.5m, and Jennifer Lawrence earned $18m. The others in this list include Reese Witherspoon earned $16.5m, Mila Kunis earned $16m, Julia Roberts earned $13m, Cate Blanchett earned $12.5m, Melissa McCarthy – $12m, and Gal Gadot – $10m.

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