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AKSH and Törk Steer Kannada Independent Music Into a New Direction with New Single – YENO YENO

Independent artists have always helped shape cultures and come to define decades. Artists having full control over their work leads to larger than life artworks full of raw emotions and a potential to tap into deep hidden parts of our hearts.

AKSH and Törk, the indie powerhouses are empowered artistically. They can experiment and explore and take all the time they need to perfect their craft. Their latest Kannada Pop single Yeno Yeno brings their musical proficiency to the forefront.

AKSH, Törk, and DANNI – the trio came together for Yeno Yeno – AKSH & Törk’s new single, with DANNI on the guitars, and Törk as the excecutive music producer.

The Kannada Indie music scene is deeply influenced by Hip-Hop and Rap, with Yeno Yeno AKSH and Törk have broken out of this mould and tapped into pop. Their venture into this genre that is virtually untapped in indie music is a brave step and stays true to the essence of indie music which is to explore boldly and unapologetically.

The 3-minute track length takes the listener on a journey of hope and happiness. The song makers say, “Any time a generation starts to step into adulthood, many cruel and hurtful things come their way. The world can feel very hopeless. With our music we wish to bring a little comfort and companionship – to uplift our audience and show them that all beauty is not lost, life is very much worth living.”.

To portray the message of the song, the trio decided that a music video would be a great addition. AKSH & Törk collaborated with geniuses like Inchara Arun as the Production and Art Manager, who was also the backbone of the music video, Ashika VR and Manjot Singh Jolly for digital marketing, Propzup Event for set design and Nomad Collections for costuming. Vkey, a passionate film maker took on the role of cinematographer and DOP. Nirikshith and SDY opted to be co-cinematographers, and also worked on candids and poster pictures.

The music video also stars Yanvi, Nirikshith, Ashika VR, Manjot Singh jolly and Sathvika Y Gowda.

Without giving away spoilers, the viewers can expect a laid back and sublime visual experience set against the backdrop of a child’s birthday party. And whenever you spot the panda in the music video pay attention to it for he carries a great metaphorical significance.

Yeno Yeno is available on all major streaming platforms and the music video can be found on YouTube

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