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Akira Movie Review

Interesting to Catch Sonakshi Sinha in a new Avatar

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This Friday we have only one movie hitting the theatres, which comes in the form of Akira. The film is an action drama, which is directed, produced and co-written by the talented filmmaker called AR Murugaddoss. The film happens to be the remake of a Tamil movie called Mouna Guru made in the year 2011. The film is a female centric movie having Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role, while Konkona Sen Sharma, Anurag Kashyap, Teena Singh and Amit Sadh are in the supporting roles. The others in cameo roles include Rani Laxmi, Akshay Kumar and Atul Kulkarni. The film is produced under the banner of Fox Star Studio, while it has the music from Vishal-Shekhar, now time to dig in deep to get the crux of the film as under:


Meet the college girl called Akira played by Sonakshi Sinha, she hails from the north and is known to find difficulty in adjusting in a society wherein she lives. Her anger is always on her nose tip and is often seen losing her temper, which has therefore made her into troubles. In fact, this very habit of losing her temper has booked under certain sections to put her behind the bars. She is a fighter and loves violence when she loses her temper. Worrying about her pitiable condition, her parents send her to Mumbai and make her to take admission there in a college. She starts living a low profile life in her college and started focusing in her studies till she is bugged by her college mates and on the other side, there is some problem with the policeman doing some mess, which somehow entangles into this problem making her go captive about the powerful business. So, what she does with her fierce actions and anger is interesting thing to explore.


There isn’t much to discuss except the fact that the film has been adopted by a Tamil movie of 2011 Monua Guru, more or less the script is very much similar with a straight forward story in it. However, the director has tried to make the things a bit different and innovative by adding things of his own choice and taste. In a sense, the film revolves around the action lady at the middle played by Sonakshi Sinha which has given her a new look and avatar from a bubbly girl to an angry young women but on the other side, she has nothing new to play and showcase in the film, which soon becomes an ordinary plot making things very much predictable for the audience thus giving too many of the loo breaks to the audience. On the action side, it can be interesting to see Sonakshi trying too many action scenes on her own; however, the film lacks the story making it very much predictable.

Star performance

The film has Sonakshi Sinha in the central role, hence the others seen in the show are merely for the formality sake. Though a couple of them have managed to do things better over the silver screen but one person who steals the show in the entire movie is of course the lead actress yes Sonakshi Sinha herself. She has showcased one of the best performances over the silver screen giving her best with her incredible action skills. Though she has tried these things the first time, but looking at her she seemed not less than any action hero in the film. Her tight kicks and sharp action has made things really applauding and worth watching in the movie. She deserves all applauds for her action. The others in the film like Konkona Sen Sharma, Anurag Kashyap, Teena Singh and Amit Sadh too remained okay at the silver screen and particularly the filmmaker Kashyap has tried some cool action in the film making him a decent performer in it.

Direction, Music and Other elements

Direction is okay though it lags behind the innovation and creativity one can expect from a drama action film. The movie has managed to do well but thanks to the readymade script available from the above said Tamil movie, which made things better for one and all. The director must have put more efforts in making things better for the film rather than trying all the copy and paste things. Few changes and addition in the script doesn’t really can make the difference in terms of direction and filmmaking. Talking about the music part, the film has an okay music, with few of the songs doing well over the chartbuster. Talking about the other elements like photography, action, screenplay and action, they seemed okay as they have enough room for improvement. Overall the film in terms of technicality and other filmmaking elements seem to be okay though not par as one can expect from an ace director like AR Murugadoss.

Akira Last Word

Akira is a film with decent story but without much of rings and whistles. Though the film may lag behind in terms of having a strong script with other entertainment elements, it is interesting to see Sonakshi Sinha in an action role. Her decent performance can give some amount of boost to the film and you never know it can be an image makeover thing for her in B Town.

Rating – 2.5

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