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Ajay Devgn’s NY Cinemas to soon open a classically curated multiplex at Ahmedabad

Ajay Devgn‘s company, NY Cinemas, is getting ready to open a new theatre in Ahmedabad. The city will soon witness the most luxurious and traditional movie-watching experience the city has ever seen.

The 25000 square foot Ajay Devgn’s NY Cinemas at Aamrakunj at Motera Road, Ahmedabad, has four auditoriums, an action-packed film lounge with a live kitchen, and an excellent mocktail bar that has been especially crafted to appeal to Ahmedabad residents’ tastes and palates.

The Cinemas offers many first to the city, such as a 320-seater Dolby ATMOS screen, a classical luxurious auditorium with all reclining seats housing 75 of them and all the 4 screens can play 3D movies.
Ajay Devgn’s NY Cinemas has already made its presence in Gujarat at Bhuj, Surendranagar and will shortly open not only in Ahmedabad but also in Anand, Surat & Rajkot.

With its constant endeavor for innovation, NY Cinemas aims at providing a complete luxury experience and make the audiences fall in love with the entire yesteryear movie-watching experience with a modern twist and one can soon experience it at Motera Road.

Ajay Devgn, an actor, director, and producer, founded NY Cinemas as a way to honour his intense passion for movies. The company wants to connect consumers closer to movies and their favourite movie stars while preserving the Indian culture and values.

By building concept-driven theatres with a never-before immersive experience of going to the movies, NY Cinemas hopes to encourage inclusivity among moviegoers and wants the public to experience film in its true form.

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