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Airlift Movie Review

Airlift_posterIt’s a busy Friday this week, which has a number of films from diverse genre will hit. One of the movies hitting this Friday is the war thriller movie called Airlift. It is written and directed by Raja Krishna Menon, while produced by Nikhil Advani and Bhushan Kumar along with other people under the banner of Abundantia Entertainment along with Cape of Good Films, Emmay Entertainment and Hari Om Entertainment. The film has Akshay Kumar and NimratKaur in the lead roles along with actors like FerynaWazheir, Inaamulhaq, Lena, PurabKohli, Kumud Mishra and PrakashBelawadi. The film is based on the world’s biggest civil evacuation of Indians based in the Middle Eastern country called Kuwait during the Gulf war (Iraq-Kuwait) war.


RanjitKatyal played by Akshay Kumar is a wealthy business based in Kuwait with his wife Amrita Katyal and his daughter. He feels more Kuwaiti than an Indian consideringthe fact that his wealth and power can secure him till his last breath on a foreign soil. However, the reality is dawned that he is more of an Indian than a Kuwaiti when he reduced to dirt getting treated the same as other Indians in the state. His family is lost, he becomes powerless amidst the world biggest evacuation during the gulf war. The story is all about bringing the history over the silver screen and showcasing the Indian audience as to what really transpired between the two nations – Kuwait and India while handing the world biggest evacuation of Indians back to Delhi.

Script Analysis

The film has a rich content considering the fact that is based on the real life incidences seen in the history. The film is backed with good direction, which is reflected in both the good and bad phase shown in the film. The script of the film is tangible enough to have fewer amounts of flaws, with every passing moment of the film; you find it more captivating and interesting. Thanks to the incredible performances of the lead stars in it with good filmmaking skills as showcased the best over the silver screen. Overall, the efforts to bring the real life instances based film over the silver screen the best way as it deserved to be shown before the audience who forgot the chapter of gulf war that witnessed the biggest human evacuation on this planet.

Start Performances

Talking about the start performances, let’s start with Akshay Kumar while playing the business tycoon based in Kuwait. He is indeed a brand in itself and after giving a brilliant performance in his last year movies, he has given one of the best performances, which the character deserved. Now talking about Nimrat Kaur, she has less screen space to share, which still seemed good for the actor. In fact, she has surprised with her realistic kind of performance unlike noticed in her previous film Luncbox. Though it was an unusual pair in the film, yet it is interesting to catch up the chemistry between the two. The others in the film like FerynaWazheir as Tasneem, Lena as DeeptiJayarajan, Inaamulhaq as Major Khalaf Bin Zayd and PurabKohli as Ibrahim Durran in the film were good in their performances.

Direction, Music, Screenplay and other technical stuff

There is no doubt that the direction for the film was par unlike any critically acclaimed film. In fact, without a powerful director, the film could have gone haywire. The other elements music, screenplay, editing and other technical stuff remained par with any good movie thus enhancing the overall entertainment value of the film.

Airlift Review – Last Word

It is rather difficult to make a film based on reality and incidences like the evocation of Indians during the gulf war in the nineties. There is more risk that lurks ahead with such ventures as you have critics and other elements standing up to question the veracity of the film. However, the film Airlift was free from such issues paving ways for the audience to enjoy a clean and reality based film. Backed by excellent filmmaking skills and cool performances of the lead stars it becomes a perfect catch for this Friday.

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