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AIB Knockout Trailer : Offensive Insults of Film-Stars In front Of Audience

AIB Knockout

You might have read many news, articles and blogs but we bet this will be the most exciting stuff for you. Before we light on to that, we are sure you might be familiar with the equations n all isn’t? If not have a look here..

“Roast [Roast] (v):

To cook food by direct exposure to dry heat, especially in an oven”

Are you really thinking that are we crazy to relate an equation with Bollywood isn’t? Surely not!! Hold on guys, the above statement may be an equation for you but, believe me it’s has become a stunning cum hilarious thing once it’s executed. “Executed”?????

Executed not in terms of programing but in terms of jokes, punches and lots more that will turn it to something that we all love to read it again n again, but before that can you tell me, do you have seen any of the celebrities in full on mood, comedy, punches etc. that to a level of vulgar? No? So, it’s time to break the rules and make you laugh like anything and that to with a stomach pain. Don’t believe this right? Have a look on the AIB Knockout  Trailer below…

Now, what? Shall I execute that statement????

Have a look here…

Running,,,,, Running,,,,


Roast [Roast] (v):

To Cook film-stars by direct exposure

To deeply offensive insults, especially

In front of four thousand people….

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