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Ahalya Movie Trailer : A Strong Sense of Enigma Touching Sensation

Ahalya Movie trailer

Days have passed; hours are rolling like anything and it will be really difficult if in case we’ll go for counting of seconds, but we promise that we won’t let your expectations down even for a while. So, let’s start with a question then, did you remember those movies which we sort and sizzling? Yes, we are talking about those movies whose span was just 14-20mins so guess what the olden fragrance is back again. The renowned Kaahani director Sujoy Ghosh is back in rolls with a 14-minute short film with some sensational title Ahalya.

Featuring those star whose name is about to catch fire on the floor soon after the release of this trailer, and the one who’s rolling with the leading character in the movie is Radhika Apte along with a veteran Bengali actor Soumitra Chatterjee. The movie revolves around the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana where the fate of an apsara, a maharishi and god of rain, Lord Indra, is sealed by a curse. Why don’t you have a look on the trailer right here..

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