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After Amit Kumar, Sonu Nigam also added fuel to the Idol Controversy, says, ‘we’re supposed to teach something to the contestants and not spoil them

Indian reality shos are always been in question for its reality. While, thanks to these reality shows we got some of the most talented artists of the industry, however, some shows have made much difference in neither their contestants nor their viewer’s life. Talking about Indian Idol which has been making headlines lately for multiple reasons. The show recently again created controversy when singer Amit Kumar made surprising revelations about the show. The singer claimed that he was paid to make a fuss about the contestants’ performance.

Now popular singer also followed him and made a similar remark. Sonu Nigam, who has also been a part of the judges’ panel for four seasons, broke silence on the controversy.

Talking to ETimes about the show, he said, “As a judge, we’re supposed to teach something to the contestants and not spoil them. So, always praising them won’t do any good; rather, we should give honest feedback. Even the contestants are able to spot the difference when they know they haven’t performed well, and we keep praising them.”

Sonu Nigam also criticized Aditya Narayan and Manoj Munstashir, who came out in support of the show rather than Amit. He also asked the makers to have some respect for the senior singer. Meanwhile, Kumar Sanu also came in support of the singer and appreciated him for taking the stand in the whole controversy.

Sonu Nigam also cleared that he chose to stay away from such reality shows due to the differences in his views on certain topics.

Meanwhile, Nigam will next appear as a judge in a Bengali singing show, Super Singer 3.

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