Friday, January 21, 2022
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Aditya Pancholi arrested for night club fight

aditya-pancoli arrested

Aditya Pancholi is not often seen making headlines in the media for any good thing and his recent altercation over the Trilogy pub in sizzlingel Sea Princess is no exception. He was seen escorting out of the said pub by the cops and later arrested for his misbehaviour and abuse. He is usually popular for making headlines for all wrong reasons. He is often seen brawling up with media and public owing to his short tempered nature.

In the said pub, he was seen fighting with the DJ when he refused to play the song as per Aditya’s given choice. When he refused, he was seen hurling verbal abuses over the DJ, which followed a heated discussion between the two, while the actor was also seen taking up shot over the bounder. This compelled the officials to show him the door with the help of the cops. Later on the Santacruz police arrested him for his misbehaviour in public.

On arresting, the police conducted a quick medical test on the actor just to check whether he was intoxicated, which followed with Aditya spending the Saturday night in the jail.  However, the very next day Sunday, he was released with a fine of 50,000 to the police authorities. He shouldn’t be hurling with such kind of behaviour considering his son’s (Sooraj Pancholi) debut in a movie called Hero.

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