Actor Raghav Nayyar Talks about his Inspiring Journey

1) how u end up in this industry?

I come from Punjabi family from Delhi and my dad is into film industry from last 25 years. He is into celebrity management and events. Till 10th class i was not at all interested in this industry but in class 11th i got one chance to perform in school function and from there it all clicked in my mind to become actor. And rest is everything going on now

2) when and where did you Born and brought up? also What u wanted to become?

Born in new Delhi on 12th may 1997 and initially I wanted to become engineer and therefore took science as subject. But we say na destiny me jo likha hota hai wo hona hi tha. So after 12th i decided to become an actor.

3) what was your Family reaction about you joining the industry?

There was nothing much serious reaction kind of thing in family. Just they wanted me to first complete my studies and then carry on with my work.

4) if not an actor what else could u have been today?

Director Because i love to do creative things and love giving creative ideas so yeaa i think i will try for directing films in future fingers crossed

5) Talking about your initial days how hard was it for you, did you face any struggle?

Full up with auditions and mostly rejections and that’s a good thing i think rejection is must in life so that you can improve yourself by keep on grooming and keep on learning, that i am still doing. Learning is best policy.

6) How you see the industry and people changing so quickly?

It’s fabulous to see that amazing contents are coming up and that definition of hero is changing ki hota hai na gora ho body ho to hi hero i think nowadays only story is hero that’s it.

7) Who is your Inspiration in industry?

Everyone You can learn small small things from everyone. So as i said keep learning

8) what are your upcoming project?

One Bhojpuri film LAADO and 2 more projects are lined up that will be disclosed soon

9) Where you see yourself in coming 5 years?

I can just say that i am trying my level best to entertain audience. And rest is upto audience where they want me to take.

10) what message you would like to give to an upcoming generation?

Just stay focused, be a good listener and patience is must. Rest enjoy your life specially with your family

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