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Actor Ayushmann khurrana praises Artistic Director/ Choreographer Sumit Khetan

Ayushmann Khurrana with Sumit Khetan
Ayushmann Khurrana with Sumit Khetan

Bollywood is breathless without the friskiness of dance. Choreographer in a movie stands at an indescribable rank. Without choreography, bollywood is haphazard. Choreographers are those, who make top actors to dance on their beats. Chorographers attract, entertain and amuse people by their different dance forms. We are talking about the talented Artistic Director / Choreographer Sumit Khetan, the one who is responsible for some of best B-town dances. He won the heart of many people and actors across the world with his choreography skills. The influential Artistic Director/ Choreographer famous for Creating Magic by his Visuals, is all set to be praised by the bollywood star Ayushmann khurrana. He mesmerized our bollywood stars through his innovative moves.

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana Said, “I feel Sumit is one of the ace choreographers in the country. I have worked with him couple of times. It’s very sweet of him to make me very comfortable. It is a mark of a great choreographer when he adapts to the style of the actor and makes him very comfortable. I wish him all the best, he has a long way to go”.

There are dance directors, there are choreographers, and there are dancers. Sumit Khetan is one name who rises above all to become an Artistic Director / Choreographer, He said, “Artistic Inspiration, Creative Execution. Meaning only when an artist is inspired can he creatively execute what he/she wants to express well and win the heart of the viewers”.

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