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Action Jackson Movie Review

action-jackson-movie review

This Friday is not as the busy one unlike the previous ones, which had too many releases thanks to the solo release Action Jackson, but don’t forget the other movie – Bhopal: A Prayer For Rain, however, considering the movie based on the most tragic events of India the Bhopal gas killing hundreds of people within three days, it can be called as a documentary genre movie. Well, Action Jackson, on the contrary is an action comedy movie, which is directed by Prabhudeva, while it is produced by Vic Walia and Sunil Lulla. The lead stars of the movie include Ajay Devgn, Sonakshi Sinha, Manasvi Mamgai, Anand Raj and Yami Gautam. It is produced under the banner of VW Production, while the music is composed by Himesh Reshammiya.  Now, let’s dig in deep in the movie to find out what goes inside the movie.

Talking about Action Jackson script, the movie happens to be the remake of a Telugu movie called Dookudu, which involves a high octane thrills and actions in it. Thus you have the same rogue policeman who appears like an assassin, who defies the underworld criminals in Mumbai. While when he is busy dealing with the mafia involved in the business of extortion, arms trafficking and drug trade, he encounters the nexus of the Underworld with Politicians, which makes things bad to worse for this touch policeman. Thus this movie deals with the fighting the corrupt politicians to the unearthing the underworld with comedy and romance as well, when the two main leads – Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha come across.

Now, let’s talk about performances by starting with Ajay Devgn. Ajay in Action Jackson has showcased his funny side along with bringing in some power packed actions as well in the movie. Thus you find this man with a blend of an action man along with having a dose of romance as well. As you know Ajay has been known as a good action hero, his performance in this movie continues to add feathers in his cap. The stunts, which Ajay has performed is a blend of freestyle and martial arts, which demanded the actor to have extra and intense kind of training to accomplish this job. So, his performance unlike other movies was far better and smart. Sonakshi Sinha in this movie comes out to be in a different avatar. The B Town diva who is only seen in traditional looks especially the ones you saw in Dabangg or Rowdy Rathore or R Rajkumar is seen very much changed here.

You can catch her western attires, which makes her stylish and at times you can even find her ultra glamorous. With such outfits in the movie, she has indeed surprised many who called her hesitant in experimenting on new clothes.  As far as her performance is concerned, she is a mature actress apart from having the glam element in her, and with Action Jackson, she has impressed the audience and critics that she can be glam as well desi in the B Town movies. Needless to say that her acting and other things like dance too has impressed people a lot, which certainly include the audience and critics. Lastly, don’t forget to catch her dance sequences, all thanks to Prabhudeva, who has made her dance on the floor with his great choreography skills. The other actresses like Yami Gautam and Manasvi Mamgai too were good and seen doing justice to their characters.

The lyrics though holds no water, however, the music by Himesh seemed okay and even impressive in most of the songs released earlier. Both the critics and audience found Himesh Reshammiya stooping too low in the department of lyrics, however, the music, he composed seemed very much dance worthy. Hence if you notice the romantic track, it was seen saving the grace in AJ music album. The other aspects like dance, editing, cinematography and dialogues in the film went interesting and compelling, which kept on impressing the audience and critics.

Action Jackson Review The last word

The Ajay Devgn and Sonakshi Sinha starrer Action Jackson has all the elements including romance, thrill, action, comedy, good music and even a couple of nice songs, which are competent enough to attract audience far and wide. The power packed action of Ajay Devgn and the stylish and glamorous Sonakshi makes the movie watchable with a different script and story in it. This perhaps make the movie worthy giving the rating of around 3.0.

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