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ABCD 2 Movie Review : The Subject of Dance and Music Makes the film Too Monotonous to Enjoy

ABCD 2 Movie

The much awaited sequel of 2015 ABCD 2 – the 3D dance film is releasing this Friday. The direction comes from Remo D’Souza, while it is produced by Siddharth Roy Kapur along with the known production house – Walt Disney Pictures. The film has stars like Varun Dhawan, Prabhu Deva and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles, while Lauren Gottlieb, Raghav Juyal and Dharmesh Yelande comes in the supporting roles. The music comes from the talented duo music directors- Sachin-Jigar. The runtime of the film is of around two and half hours (precisely 147 minutes). The story comes from the director – Remo D’Souza, while the Cinematography part is covered by Vijay Arora. Now, let’s dig deep to unveil the gist of the film as under:

The Plot

The film revolves around the real life story of popular choreographers Vishnu and Suresh and their struggle to prove their worthiness in the music and dance world, which they accomplish by winning the popular dance contest called World Hip Hop Dance Championship. ABCD 2 has the same story with some twist wherein it showcases the journey of a dance troupe based on young boys and girls who hail from Mumbai suburb backstreets. It showcases their rise and fall along with their efforts to get back their lost pride and glory. So, will they be able to get back their lost glory at word’s most popular city of dance and music called Las Vegas or not will be interesting thing to catch up. Now, let’s talk about performances.

ABCD 2 Star Performances

There is no two thought about the fact that Prabhudheva is a good dancer, however, when it comes to acting, he seems lagging behind in a big way. Sadly, most of the time, he was seen struggling a lot with his acting skills unlike his previous movies, however, for dance, he gets a good score. Two years before, when Remo D’Souza decided to make a movie addressing his passion of dance and music, he did pick up some of the best dancers from all across the country, however, with the sequel, he decided to keep it a starry affair by roping in actors like Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor. Though these can be called as good actors but dance is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Virtually both were seen at par, however, for anyone who has the passion for dance can enlist a number of flaws showcased by the two. Yet, we hear and see a lot the way the two have struggled a lot to dance the best on the floor for the film, but speaking at the core, they seemed faltering at the ground. We heard stories, how Shraddha Kapoor and even Varun Dhawan were seen getting injured themselves while dancing on the floor, but more often they were seen lagging in matching up the steps with other dances the best. This certainly makes them failed to justify their characters. Similar was the story of Lauren Gottlieb, who failed to do the best while stepping into the shoes of Olive.

ABCD 2 Review Story & Script

Amidst the lyrical hip hop to trumping the screen, you may find the film sound alive thanks to the incredible dance steps of Prabhudheva and other cool dancers seen on the floor. However, the very next moment, when the music and dance settles down, the film reverts to the same old boring and simple style with no extra elements to make it different from the others. Varun, however, seems cool with his bare body, however, he needs more time and efforts to sharpen his dancing skills. Such characters are full with challenges and more often he seemed one step behind with other dancers. The film has hardly any story except talking about a dance group based in a small and unknown suburb of Bombay called Nala Sopara who witnesses a roller coaster ride wining and losing their glory in dance till they finally reach out a place in Las Vegas to get back their lost pride and position. The script was seen losing the grip too often giving the audience too many loo breaks to catch up.

ABCD 2 Review : Music & Other Technical Aspects

As ABCD 2 is a dance and music film, hence these two elements have great role to play in it. Though the duo music directors Sachin-Jigar are among the known faces in the music world, however, when we talk about composing music for a film exclusively dedicated to dance and music, it becomes too demanding and challenging task. There is no doubt about the fact that they have tried the best to compose music at par, yet they seem to lag behind in giving something, which can make the film outstanding in terms of innovation and creative notes. The other elements like editing, screenplay, cinematography, etc, seemed okay but somewhere fail to add the entertainment value of the sequel.

ABCD 2 Review – The Last Word

The problem with sequels in Bollywood or any other industry is that when we have a successful prequel, which has raked in enough moolah at the box office, the expectations from the audience is high for the next film for the same franchise. Similar is the story of ABCD 2 wherein the prequel was a hit over the box office. However, ABCD 2 is claimed to be a grand 3D Dance Film, which travels all the way from a small Mumbai suburb to the glittering and vibrant city of Las Vegas in the US along with showcasing the bitter-sweet journey of friendship, love, betrayal, pride and redemption. However, the sequel somehow turns out to be a monotonous film talking about dance and music only thus making it a flick for a niche audience who are known to have the passion for dance and music.

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